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"Nature never hurried, yet everything is accomplished"

  • Abyss

  • Gua sha for the face and body
  • Heart-Shaped Tools

  • Curvy edges designed for the contours of the face
  • Simply Jade

  • A simple and elegant intro facial gua sha tool


Gua sha for the face and body Shop Abyss

Heart-Shaped Tools

Curvy edges designed for the contours of the face Shop Heart-shaped tools

Simply Jade

A simple and elegant intro facial gua sha tool Shop Xiuyan

Indulge in the sacred scent of blue lotus.


Skin care ritual inspired by ancient Eastern healing practices.

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Customer Reviews


recently added this oil to my skincare routine and I’ve been loving it especially with the winter dryness and all the mask irritation. I have combination skin that can be dehydrated and after using this to seal in all my skincare at night, I wake up with baby soft skin! And it doesn’t feel greasy! I love that it didn’t break me out either like a lot of oils I’ve tried before. Wish it came in a bigger size too


The best natural face oil

I have tried this face oil formula for the first time, i was super amazed by the natural ingredients, i personally have a very sensitive skin in general, after i apply the face oil on my face, the oil feels super light, hydrating and refreshing on my skin and smells really nice. And it is also very effective on my sensitive skin, this essential natural face oil is a must purchase, you only feel more refreshed and have a better youthful skin after applying! I will definitely repurchase and add this to my daily skin care routine.


I swear by this!!

After using this face oil my face had less blemishes and less bloating! My skin literally felt soooo smooth and soft :) It’s perfect with a gua sha tool! So relaxing 😌 Can’t wait til you sell those! The scent is also one of my favs. Amazing product! I WANT MORE!


great all natural product

love that the face oil uses all natural ingredients and it smells divine! It is quickly absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling fresh and super hydrated


Smells good!

Love it! Feel relax after applying!


Had to give it a try! Glad I did!

I really like how this oil feels on my skin. It’s light and not greasy at all. The smell is very nice too


Best thing about 2020!

This all natural oil formula is amazing! It’s lightweight, hydrating and effective on my sensitive skin. Not to mention, smells sooo nice! Doubles up as an essential oil with the scent for relaxation and sleep. Will definitely be repurchasing!


Nice skin booster!

This is a great little booster to add to your night routine. I like that the product is all natural so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. The roller applicator is my favourite, super easy to use; I prefer this vs the drop applicator that gets all over the place. I also put one by my desk, it’s an easy use in between meetings during wfh! Highly recommending trying.


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