Our Mission

Our mission at Oom. is to promote conscious living by providing sustainable and natural skincare products to the world. To us, living consciously is about having awareness in all aspects of our lives, inside and out. This is a choice that each of us have the power to make for ourselves.
Each day we make the choice of how we spend our time, what food we eat and what products we put on our skin. Why not make the choice of putting safe, healthy ingredients on our skin and, just as importantly, understanding what those ingredients are? Oom. Clean Beauty products are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. We disclose every single ingredient that goes into the bottle and help our customers understand what they are.
At Oom., we are committed to give back to the community by supporting local social cause. 2% of our proceeds will be donated to the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook - a non-profit program designed to provide expert navigation of the mental health and addictions service system for youth aged 13-26 and their families, who are living in the Greater Toronto Area. Leading a conscious lifestyle is not just about doing good for the planet, but also doing good for the inhabitants like you and me. It is about taking care of ourselves and each other.